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Singapore has plenty to offer. An area that consists of one main island and several smaller islands and a population of just over 4 million. Impressive skyscrapers, gleaming malls contract with traditional Chinatown and Little India. For its similarities, many visitors would consider the 3.5 hour flight from Singapore to stay in Hong Kong after visiting the unique Chinatown in Singapore

A dynamic urban environment with entertainment, dining and energy. Modern well organized museums and many Singapore attractions to enjoy along with shopping provide plenty of things to do in Singapore.

Orchard Road is famous for chic boutiques and great shopping. The Botanical Gardens are some of the most spectacular in the world with a large collection of orchids. On Sentosa Island visit the Underwater World and the Dolphin Lagoon. St Johns Island has beautiful beaches and coral reefs to explore.

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Singapore was named in the 14th Century by a Malayan prince who called the island “Singapura” meaning lion. It is reputed that the animal was in fact a tiger. In 1819 Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore as a trading post and fort when it was colonised by the British East India company. The Japanese occupied Singapore in World War 2 and after the war once again was under British rule. It became independent in 1965 and Singapore has had a dramatic economic boom and now a wealthy city state.

A free trade policy was established and Singapore flourished. Some of the original buildings remain and the current city plan is based on the original Raffle's plan.

singapore attractions

Learn the history of Pan Asian cultures at the Asian Civilisation Museum and spend a poignant moment at Changi Prison Chapel and Museum where the history of World War Two is displayed. The Singapore Art Museum houses the largest collection of 20th century South East Asian art. At the Jurong Bird Park see the World’s largest collection of South Asian birds. Visit Kranji for a spot of horse racing, or hire a bicycle to ride around parts of Singapore on the specially marked trails. The Sri Mariammam Temple is the oldest and largest in Singapore, and the Cathay Building the tallest in the city. Why not finish the day with cocktails at the world famous Raffles Hotel, immortalized by Somerset Maugham and countless other writers.

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Singapore is a nation of 63 islands that covers an area of just over 700 sq km and lies at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore was scene of a lot of action during World War II and the Japanese conquered the island. A lot of museums tell the story of this time.

Independence was gained from the British on the 9th August 1965.

Immigrants have arrived into Singapore from surrounding countries and the current ethnic mix is Chinese 77%, Malays 14% and Indians 8%. Singapore is a very modern and organised city with clean streets, lots of glass and concrete buildings and very cosmopolitan.

Walk through the Singapore botanical gardens and visit the Sri Mariamman Temple. The Singapore Art Museum is well worth looking at. Enjoy the walk along the waterfront at Merlion Park.




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