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Boat Quay

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The history, beauty and allure of the Singapore Boat Quay that surrounds you while you’re walking through is quite amazing. The Boat Quay is situated in the upstream from the Singapore River on its southern bank.  The Boat Quay was created in 1819 and by the 1860s it handled an astonishing 75% of the shipping business in old Port of Singapore.

The evolution of the Boat Quay has evolved and now its home to some amazing restaurants, fun and safe nightlife and even boat cruises.

No matter what you’re in the mood for you’ll be able to find at least one restaurant to satisfy your tastes buds. There are western, Thai, Chinese, Indian and even Vietnamese restaurants located within the Boat Quay area.

If you’re looking to explore the Singapore nightlife, why not go check out the famous and lively Harry’s bar? It’s recommended by anyone who’s ever been there, local people and tourists. A place that is very unique though it might seem out of place is Penny Black’s; it is an English pub that gives you great service into the late night.

Boat Quay

There are a few cruise companies located within the Boat Quay that can give you a tour along the Singapore River and point out some neat historical facts that you probably didn’t know.

All and all if you’re looking for unique attraction within Singapore, the Boat Quay is the place to go. With all the selections between restaurants, bars and clubs, it’s an ideal place to have a great meal and spend a fun night out.


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