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An exotic area with night market, shops, restaurants open from early to late. Established in 1828 by Sir Stamford Raffles as an area for the Chinese immigrants to settle. Singapore’s Chinatown came into existence around 1821 when the first Chinese junk ships arrived from Xiamen of the Fujian province of China. The settlers created their new home in proximity to the Singapore River which is now known as Telok Ayer. The local name for Chinatown is Niu Che Shui, which means Bullock of Cart Water, due each household having to collect fresh water in bullock-drawn carts in the early days.

The contrasts and unique details of Chinatown are abound as you have century old buildings and homes that have been conserved along with the old beliefs that are true to the Singapore spirit and you also have new fashion ideas that have taken root.

The major draw of Chinatown is that you’re able to find unique goods you can’t find anywhere else and amazing food in one location. You can find a wide assortment of goods to purchase and make sure you try to bargain as bartering rules the area.


If you’re hungry make sure you stop by Food Street for a variety of famous dim sums available and also excellent Chinese pastries.
You can get there by taking a short walk from Outram Park (EW16) or Chinatown (NE4) MRT stations.


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