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Singapore Banks
Banks open from 9.30am to 3pm during the week and on Saturday from 9.30am until 11am.

Chewing gum
It is often said that chewing gum is illegal in Singapore. To clarify it is illegal to sell chewing gum but not to consume for personal use provided you only have few sticks, but it is serious offence to drop chewing gum on the pavement.

Singapore Climate
Singapore has warm tropical weather with an average temperature of 26.7°C. Rain is most likely from November to January with December being the wettest month. February is the sunniest month and July and August the hottest.

Credit cards
Credit cards are widely accepted. Surcharges should not be added.

The currency is the Singapore Dollar and many shops will accept other currencies.

Drug abuse
Drug abuse is a very serious offence in Singapore and can result in capital punishment.

Please cover your arms and legs when entering mosques and temples. Shoes should be removed when visiting Indian temples and mosques. Always use your right hand when eating an Indian or Malay meal. And for a Chinese meal never stick your chopsticks into the food, rest your chopsticks on the given rest or by the side of your plate.Use the porcelain food for eating and the silver one for serving food.

Emergency Numbers
Police 999; Ambulance and Fire 995.

Singapore Electricity
The voltage is 220 – 240AC, 50 Hertz. Power plugs are normally three pin with the square shape as in UK .

Singapore Health
Singapore is a healthy place. Medical facilities are excellent. For an ambulance call 995. The main hospitals are:
Mount Elizabeth (65 6731 2218)
Gleneagles (65 6470 5700)
Mount Alvernia (65 6347 6210)
Raffles Hospital (65 6311 1555)

Dropping litter is a serious offence and attracts a fine of $1000.

Singapore Police
Singapore police can be contacted by dialing 999.

Lost passport
If you lose your passport make a police report and then visit the Singapore Immigration and Registration at 10 Kallang Road for a temporary visa.

Singapore Places of worship
Thaind Hock Keng is the oldest and most important Hokkien temple and is at 158 Telok Ayer Street . Two main churches are the Aremian Church at 60 Hill Street and St Andrew's Cathedral on Coleman Street . The main Hindu temple is the Sri Mariamman Temple at 244 South Bridge Road . The Hajah Fatimah Mosque is at 4001 Beach Road and the Sultan Mosque at 3 Muscat Street .

Singapore Post Offices
The main post office is 391 Orchard Road and other post offices are 133 New Bridge Road in Chinatown and at 181 Kitchener Road in Little India.

Smoking in Singapore is not permitted in any public transportation and nearly all public places. Fines of $1000 for smoking in non permitted areas.

Spitting is not allowed and attracts large fines.

Local calls cost 10 cents. For overseas calls dial 001, 002 or 008 followed by the country code. Phone cards are the best way to use public phones or use your credit card for international calls from public phones.


Tipping is not allowed at the airport and not encouraged in hotels and restaurants if a 10% service charge has been added.

Singapore Tourist Information
The visitor centres run by Singapore Tourism Board are very informative and have a lot of information and are located at several locations:
Singapore Visitors Centre(Orchard) Orchard Road;
Singapore Visitors Centre(Changi), terminal 1 and 2, Singapore Changi Airport;
Singapore Visitors Centre ( Liang Court ), 177 Valley Road;
Singapore Visitors Centre ( Little India ), 73 Dunlop Street;
Singapore Visitors Centre (Suntec), Suntec City Mall.

Singapore Visas
Visas are not needed for Commonwealth citizens, British and Irish nationals and many other countries for stays up to 14 days. Do check before you arrive whether you need a visa.

The water is safe to drink from the tap.


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