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Kranji War Memorial

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The final resting place for thousands of Allied soldiers. The Kranji War Memorial is the resting place that honours the men who gave their lives for freedom during World War II from countries such as Britain, Australia, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, The Netherlands and New Zealand.

The 4000 graves are marked of service men that died during the Japanese occupation and are lined up in tidy rows. Also another 24000 names of soldiers who gave their lives are inscribed also on twelve columns if the bodies were never recovered.

During the Japanese occupation the Kranji War Cemetery was begun as a hospital burial ground and after the war became a military cemetery. Servicemen who died during the war in other parts of Singapore were exhumed and reburied in the Kranji War Cemetery.

kranji war memorial
Another interesting fact is this is the location of the graves of Singapore’s first two presidents.
The Kranji War Memorial is open daily from 7AM until 6PM daily and in order to get there take the SBS transit bus 170 from Rochor Road or take the MRT to Kranji Station and take a short five minute walk.

9 Woodlands Road, Nearest MRT Station Kranji.


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