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If you’re looking for assault of your senses Little India in Singapore is the place to be. The strong and aromatic scents of spices and jasmine, followed by large amounts of silverware, brassware, wood carvings and colourful silk saris will dazzle your senses completely.

A good rule of thumb while in Little India is to pick up a travel guide so you can be aided in your exploration of this magnificent ethnic quarter.
The first of the Indian settlers arrived in 1819 as assistants and soldiers to Sir Stamford Raffles and more arrived in the later 19th century in order to find work.

little india
Singapore’s Indian community is focused upon Little India and the streets that smell of spice will entice you with jasmine garlands, silk saris and unique ethnic jewellery. There are so many interesting aspects of India to discover within Little India in Singapore such as the large Tekka centre and Little India Arcade.

You’ll be able to view vibrant temples that coexist alongside churches and mosques, meet tarot card readers and take in the smells of the spices that drift out of fabulous restaurants.

To be aided in your journeys through Little India consider taking a walking tour with one of several companies located within Little India. To arrive at Little India take the north east line of the MRT to Little India Station.


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