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Merlion Park

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Originally the Merlion and its Cub were located by the Esplanade Bridge which is actually only 120 metres from its current location. The current location is a 2500 square meter park referred to as Merlion Park.

The park has since become a popular attraction among tourists as the Merlion was erected in 1972 as a symbol to welcome all people who visit Singapore. The area around Merlion Park consists of a promontory that has terraced seating and a viewing deck that can hold three hundred people. The unique landing dock allows tourists to take river taxis in order to see the amazing Merlion and Cub statue.

merlion park
The viewing deck allows photographers and tourists alike an excellent opportunity to take pictures of the Merlion with the city skyline and Marina bay as a backdrop.

The Merlion statue has become world famous and attracts over one million visitors every year.
To arrive at Merlion Park simply walk along the scenic riverfront from Raffles Place MRT station.


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