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The Padang

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Within the downtown Core of the Central Area in Singapore lays the Padang (Malay for “field” or “plain”) which is an open field. Around the Padang are several important landmarks such as the City Hall MRT station, the Old Supreme Court Building, City hall and Saint Andrew’s Cathedral.

Because of the excellent location and the history behind the Padang it has been selected as a venue for a number of events including the National Day Parade in 2005.

the padang
The Padang represents the old colonial Singapore and is a major element of the downtown. In the past it and present day it has been used as a cricket field where players play in extremely hot temperatures. The Padang is home to many sporting events and other public events that you can witness also.

To go view the Padang simply take the MRT to the City Hall Station then walk towards The Padang.


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