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The Singapore River has a long and important history and today a lot of activity. Enjoy the sights and sounds from Merlion Park at the rive mouth or at Raffles Landing behind Parliament House.

The Singapore River is the reason that Singapore was able to form due to the ability to allow it to transform from a small village that focused on fishing to a very important harbour. There is quite a bit of history and it can be divided into three periods pre-colonial, colonial and post colonial respectively. The pre-colonial history is full of colourful and vibrant tales that excite the mind. Though the can see the new developments upon the Singapore river you are still able to observe and feel the history all around you while on or around the Singapore River.

If not for the Singapore River there would not be a Singapore today most likely as it is the source of the origin of Singapore’s prosperity. Even the city’s icon for tourism, the Merlion, stands guard at the mouth of the river.

The Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, Robertson Quay, landmarks and memorials, museums and temples make up banks and highlights of the Singapore River that you may view. You can gaze upon all these interesting and unique sites as you stroll upon the banks of the river or take a leisure cruise which allows you to create a lasting experience. You’re able to find boat tours at the Clifford Pier, Raffles Place and Landing site, and the Boat and Clarke quay’s respectively.

Most people typically choose two different avenues for adventuring the Singapore River and those are either a structured walking tour or enjoying the unstructured River Celebration that allows you many exciting options. Each route takes around two hours and offer different experiences based on what time of the day you go.


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