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Snow city is among the most popular destinations within Singapore. Though Singapore might be known for its long coastline of beautiful beaches and islands, Snow City of Singapore is unique because you will find snow there all throughout the year.

Snow City manufactures artificial snow in order to allow you a place within Singapore that you can enjoy snow year round inside of an indoor centre. The unique complex keeps a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius year round and allows tourists to enjoy fun and exciting activities that involve snow such as skiing.

snow city
Children find this place particularly fun due to the fact they can go snow tubing, have snowball fights and even have interactive sessions that allow them to learn new activities they can have in snow.

Another great thing is that if you are not equipped with winter attire you’re able to borrow winter jackets and boots free of cost.
The cost is based on hourly play time and for adults it is S$15 and children for S$13; however if you’re a family you can enter with 2 adults and 2 children for a cost of S$49.

Typical hours of operation are from 9:45AM until 5:15PM with maintenance typically being performed between 12:15PM and 12:45PM.
The best way to get there is to take the MRT to Jurong East Station and walk towards Jurong Town Hall Road.


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