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Underwater World Singapore is situated on Sentosa and boasts the awe-inspiring beauty of the world underneath the seas. Anyone who visits will have a highly entertaining time where they will get to take part in interactive activities and view interesting exhibits. The main attraction however is the incredible 83 metre long tunnel that contains manta rays, monstrous sharks and many other beasts of the sea.
When you have finished viewing the Underwater World you will be able to move onto Dolphin Lagoon; here you will be able to see pink dolphins demonstrating their natural abilities.

The Underwater World has a very original activity involving spa fish and a good massage from a qualified reflexologist. This activity lets you unwind and have fun concurrently.

Underwater World takes pride in conservation and rescuing of endangered turtle species and also spearheaded the coral relocation project in the southern islands.

underwater world
After this you also can go for a very enjoyable experience if you desire and swim with the dolphins. This really lets you learn a lot about dolphins and their mannerisms and is an experience you won’t soon forget.
The price of swimming with the dolphins at Underwater World is a little steep but worth it, it costs S$150 per person and sessions begin at 9:45AM with a maximum of 15 participants and again at 1:45 daily with a maximum of 6 participants.

In order to get to Underwater World you need to take the Sentosa shuttle bus from Harbour front interchange or the Sentosa express from Vivo city. Once there you board the blue bus at the Underwater World stop and you will be on your way to Underwater World.  The tour takes roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes.


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