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A large well organised zoo with over 3500 animals all well displayed. Performances are organised during the day and include elephant shows and a sea lion show.

The Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world and if you are an animal lover it is definitely one of the must see zoos of the world. You’re able to have up close and personal experiences with over 3200 birds, mammals, fish and reptiles in the 28-hectare open zoo.

The Singapore Zoo offers you a hands on experience with a tropical rainforest with the Fragile Forest and it is packed full of wildlife. One thing that is very unique about the Singapore Zoo is you are able to meet many special young animals that are threatened species that have been bred and born in the zoo such as the white rhinoceros, proboscis monkey, manatees and orange utan.

The Rainforest Kidzworld allows children to have a lot of fun while playing in a water play area while allowing them an educational and engaging time that has many family focused activities. Children can also take part in pony rides which take them around the perimeter Rainforest Kidzworld to show them the natural beauty of the Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Four boats are also available to board so you can have a fun tour from the scenic Upper Seletar Reservoir which helps enhance your visit to the Singapore Zoo. This leisurely boat ride gives you knowledge of the history behind Singapore’s reservoirs while you have a chance to see the many different species of wildlife from afar.

Admission to the Singapore Zoo is S$18 for adults and S$9 for children and the hours of operation are from 8:30AM until 6PM daily. 


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